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Burger & Fries

How it Works

Yeng Quick Delivery makes it easier than ever for you to get your favorite food throughout the Ochos Rios area, without dealing with unpredictable traffic and long lines. The process is simple:

  1. Contact us directly with your order from any local restaurant.

  2. We will order on your behalf and pick up your food as soon as it's ready.

  3. Within minutes, one of our motorcyclists will be on your doorstep (or office) with your freshly-made order.

  4. Our driver will collect CASH payment from you at the time of delivery, plus a flat deliver charge of $500 JMD. (tips are appreciated)


Popular Restaurants Nearby

Check out the menu, then call us to order.

Burger King

Little Caesars

John Crows Tavern

Ocho Rios Jerk Center

Mangia Mangia Italian Gourmet

Sakura Express

Suki Jerk Center


Miss T's Kitchen

Pizza Hut

Mother's Patties

Domino's Pizza

Rika's Delishus Treats


Mainland China

Hong Kong

Calabash Ital

Taste of India

Tandoor Kabab Zone

The Healthy Way

Lobster Dave's

What to Expect.

We take seriously the health and safety of our customers and employees. As such, each of our employees are vetted before being permitted to serve our customers. Likewise, all delivery personnel abide by a strict code of conduct as well as health and safety guidelines, including taking extra precautions against Covid-19.